Minhas is engaged in manufacturing PPRC pipes and fittings since 2001. Dedication leads Minhas to be the pioneer in Pakistan for manufacturing all the components of PPRC Pipes & Fittings along with fusion aid machine.
MINHAS plumbing system is an excellent solution for underground hot and cold water supply system. The imported material used by MINHAS pipes and fittings is almost non-reactive with most of the Chemicals hence this system is durable for the supply of certain chemicals and gasses as well.
Moreover, The aim of Minhas Pipes is providing high quality improved products to our valuable clients through the continuous process of improvement has enhanced satisfaction via our well established standards and procedures. Right from material selection to final delivery of products and after sales services, Minhas makes the customer feel comfort at every moment. Therefore, this is the reason; we have increasing number of satisfied customers across the globe.


By the Grace of Almighty ALLAH, we are the Pioneers to introduce and manufacture Impact Modified Poly Propylene (IMPP) sewerage & drainage piping system in Pakistan. The Imported prime material used by MINHAS pipes and fittings is specially made for the manufacturing of sewerage & drainage (S&D) piping system. The most emerging S&D system in MIDDLE EAST, ASIA and across the world is Impact Modified Polypropylene (IMPP). Throughout the globe, Engineers are also accepting that there are many benefits offered by IMPP piping system in S&D. Today it is an established fact that IMPP pipes are well suited for underground S&D due to their flexibility to soil movement and their corrosion resistance. MINHAS IMPP piping system is an excellent solution for underground sewerage and drain. The innovation added by MINHAS in IMPP S&D piping system is its joints, which are fused together by a sophisticated fusion machine without any additional jointing aid. The fused joints make it inseparable and thus no leakage can be observed throughout the life of sewerage system. It’s a durable system with a long maintenance free life. It is lightweight, tough, easy to install and it resist the cracks. Its hydraulically smooth bore makes the flow easy. For the manufacturing of IMPP piping system, the standards followed are:
• GERMAN Standards DIN-8077 (Pipes Dimension), DIN- 8078 (General Quality requirements and testing), DIN- 16962 (Injection Molded Fittings Dimensions) & DIN-16962-5 (General quality requirements & testing)
• Pakistan Standards PS-4533(Pipes Dimension), PS-4534(General Quality requirements & testing)
UET Polymer Lab, PCSIR and PSQCA have also examined the samples of Minhas IMPP pipes and fittings and the test results are attached in certificate section.


To be a benchmark company introducing innovative products.”


“Minhas Pipes & Fittings is engaged in manufacturing environment friendly and hygienic products to enhance the quality of life and customer satisfaction through industrial excellence and quality deliverance.”


In 1958, Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Minhas, Chairman MINHAS Group started manufacturing cutlery under the name, MINHAS. The immense response made to MINHAS group inflate their business and set off their name in stainless steel utensils and catering ware under the name of Globe in 1978. In 2001, MINHAS was the pioneer in Pakistan to produce the PPRC Pipes and Fittings along with fusion machines. It brought the revolution in the plumbing system. Keeping in view the concept of global village, an information technology setup was started for total business solutions under the name of Minhasoft in 2010.