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Welcome to Minhas Pipes

Minhas Group entered in PPRC Pipes and Fittings for the first time in Pakistan in the year 2001. Though it was a challenging task yet with the devotion and commitment along with continuous struggle and kind cooperation of our valuable business alliances, Minhas is the leading manufacturer now. It provides an effective system for the fluent flow of hot and cold water under ground.

MINHAS PPRC plumbing system is an excellent solution for under ground hot and cold water supply system. The imported material used by MINHAS pipes and fittings is almost non-reactive with most of the Chemicals hence this system is durable for the supply of certain chemicals and gasses as well.

MINHAS Plumbing System is accepted rapidly because of their multi usage ability and pros. Its smooth rust less inner surface allows no single particle to stay in and thus the quality and quantity of water supply remains the same. The Stainless metallic inserts in PPRC fittings make them compatible with CP & GI fittings. The high molecular weight of PPRC makes it highly resistant and an excellent energy saver as compared to metallic pipes & fittings.

Another more comparative advantage of PPRC plumbing system is its joints, which are fused together by a sophisticated fusion machine without any additional jointing aid.

THE INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CERTIFICATION CO. LTD. has recognized the quality of MINHAS pipes & fittings and issued with ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 certificate.

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